I spent a good amount of my childhood holidays in wildlife parks. It was/still is my dad’s idea of a perfect holiday; and while I enjoyed the travels that came with it, it became a little monotonous. We also had to wake up really early to do early morning game drives so as to catch the animals before the sun was too hot, and this wasn’t always fun.

I did a solo trip to the Mara three weeks ago. It was an online wildebeest migration deal and I met the rest of the crew that had paid for it on the morning of the trip. I had my fingers crossed for a fun crowd. They turned out fine.

The trip started on a Friday. We drove to the Mara from Nairobi for about 7 hours, checked in at the hotel then proceeded to do an evening game drive-in our pop-up tour van. On Saturday, we did an all day game drive (well, till about three) then left the park to do a cultural tour of Maasai villages. We went out later that night, a local that was lit! These locals in ‘countryside’ areas never disappoint. We meant to do a guided hike to some nearby hill from 5:00am Sunday but nobody woke up for it. We left for Nairobi later that Sunday.

We used the Oloolaimutia gate
I travel for such landscapes.
Anyone care for some topi?
Kenya-Tanzania border landmark (Kienyeji style). Posing with a friend I made in our tour van.
The mara river where migration crossings are most scenic.
All is fair in the land of the wild 😦
The Mara triangle is divided from the rest of the Maasai Mara National Reserve by the Mara River. It often has more game animals.
A friend of mine is a little obsessed with elephants. I watched a couple of documentaries on them and their intelligence and ability to show emotion makes them one of my favorite animals as well. Photography by safari 254 (edited by me)
We missed a lion mating session! They were mating off the track and we only caught the action in between the rests. Lions  have interesting mating rituals. They mate every 15 minutes for up to 5 days, with only short rests in between. Photography by safari 254 (edited by me)
The cultural tour! Our guide took us through various leaves, barks and roots that they use for medicinal purposes as well as for dying their hair and their now world-famous fabric. Is there reason not to admire their genius?
Took this pic of our guide on an anthill.
The only migration we managed to catch.
Everything about their attire has always been fascinating. I was however disappointed that this particular one was a wig! I’m not sure whether it was a wig traditionally, or if it’s a modern twist to things. It is worn by morans when they live in isolation in the bush. This happens roughly between the ages of about 14 and 30. During this life stage they live in isolation in the bush, learning tribal customs and developing strength, courage, and endurance—traits for which Maasai warriors are noted throughout the world.
We got a welcome dance once we got to the village we toured. There were other tourist groups with us.
I’m not for killing the wild to show bravado but culture has it otherwise. The crown on my head is from a lion that the gentleman on my far right killed.
Their fire making technique….and there was fire! They use a hard piece of wood and rub it continuously onto a soft one and then use the charred remains to light some dry grass.
This gentleman’s name has completely escaped my mind. I first met him at the village and then later at the ‘club’- turning up in his regalia, and boy, couldn’t he dance!
We were at the local a little early. It was moderately well stocked. By the time we left, at around midnight, it was packed. Other tourists from different parts of the world popped in, and we even played some games with one group. Photography by safari 254 (edited by me)

I didn’t take pics of the place we slept at-Rhino tourist camp. It obviously wasn’t a luxury trip but the accommodation and food was better than I’d expected.

The three day trip cost me about 16,500/=. This was for transport to and from Nairobi, park entry fees, the cultural tour, accomodation and meals, the night out and tips. The deal was on Rupu (a Kenyan ‘deals’ website)

I’m really hoping I’m encouraging somebody somewhere to travel through this posts.

Doing Kisii this weekend.

Any questions can be sent to


4 thoughts on “MAASAI MARA

  1. That fun fact about lions got me excited for a moment! haha. I’ll start checking rupu more often now and join in this travelling fun!


  2. Thanks Sarah! You guys also inspire me with your girlfriends trips. Rupu has great deals. That trip would have probably cost me 1 1/2 times more plus a lot of organization stress.


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