NAIROBI GEMS: Karen Blixen

Hello everyone,

I recently had a chance to visit the Karen Blixen Museum in Karen.

It’s a museum, as the name suggests, that holds history surrounding the Danish author , Karen Blixen. She’s best known for her title, ‘Out of Africa’ which is an account of her life while living in Kenya. The building was her house from 1917 to 1931 when she returned to Denmark.

The museum is set on a huge piece of land that presents an opportunity to take in nature. The history was interesting, although my personal thoughts were that there was subtle undertones of white supremacy in the way it was presented.. The friend I went with, had the same sentiments regarding her book. (and I will leave this at that)

She was, nonetheless, an interesting lady; certainly generous in many ways.

The grounds make for a good picnic site. (Our guide mentioned that they are also usually rented out for weddings). There is also a small forest within the compound with nature trails and this allows a refreshing walk.

The grounds on arrival. On a good day, i.e a weekday, you might enjoy all this to yourself.
Karen’s house; current museum
These are the ‘vehicles’ that were used to transport tea, which was once planted on the entire area, Karen and environs.
Historic engines.
Coffee was processed on this machine that is well preserved behind the museum building. The guides take you through the museum and up to this machine.
Paths in the forest.

Any history/nature lover would like this place. You can also just visit to have your picnic or hang out. Besides, entrance fee for citizens is 200/= (2$) so why not!

I’d advise wearing trousers as there are many mosquitoes outside, especially if you would like to do the forest trail.

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2 thoughts on “NAIROBI GEMS: Karen Blixen

  1. I didn’t know it has a nature trail. I must visit again sometime. I have been to Oloolua which is further down the road. Thanks for continually enlightening me.

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