Domestic tourism in Kenya


Imagine this; Your tent is lying on a lush green sea of grass. On one side of the tent, where the entry faces, is a series of waterfalls, and on the other, a rocky hill that you can climb to catch a magnificent sun setting over the falls.

My friends and I accidentally came across this campsite and decided to spend the night. I have camped by River Sagana before, where I went white water rafting last year, but this was a different experience, especially considering the sound and sight of the falls was right there by our tents.

Campsites in Kenya

Campsite in Kenya
The grounds on which our tent was laid.

Things to do in Kenya

Tourism in Africa
We had bought our groceries and set to food preparation when we arrived. The campsite was as kind as to lend us a jiko and all the utensils we required.
Fun in Nairobi
The campsite’s dining area and electricity points.
Fun things to do in Nairobi
On the opposite side of the falls lay this hill with a million steps. The sunset from the top of the hill is simply magnificent!
White water rafting in Nairobi
I took this picture of my friend catching the sunset. You can spot the falls at the far right bottom corner.

A bonfire was set up for us in the evening. They’d keep adding wood and so there was no question of running out of fire. (Some campsites charge for extra firewood, sigh!)

Fun in Nairobi

Outdoor activities in Nairobi
The hill steps at night.

My friends and I decided to go out dancing later in the night. We walked (I don’t know how wise it was though) to a nearby hotel (Well a 30 or so minute walk) to Nokras hotel that has a night club and were there for a couple of hours. The campsite has no music facility, which is a good idea actually, but revelers can access the Night Club at Nokras.

The view from our tents in the morning, accompanied by the sound of the falls, was breathtaking.

Fun in Nairobi
View from the inside of the tent. The falls are on the other side of the wooden fence.

Tourism in Africa.

I captured this on our way back to Nairobi on Sunday evening. There’s always a great sunset when returning to Nairobi after being out of town.

We were lucky to be the only campers on the day that we went. The service was nothing short of great. However, I don’t think it’s the kind of campsite you’d want to share with too many other people. I wouldn’t go on a day when it has been booked by, say a large group. I’d call to confirm. They’re on social media pages as Jangwani Camp Sagana.

Let me know your experience if you visit.

Durections: 3kms from Sagana town as if you’re heading to Murang’a.

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