Sacré-Coeur Basilica

Montmartre (Mountain of the martyr) Paris.

Montmartre is a 130 meters high hill located in the north of Paris. It presents one of the best views of the city. At it’s summit is an 1912-built white domed church Basilica, du sacre-Coeur which is visited by millions each year.

I went up the mountain by bus and descended by a funicular railroad (an elevator of sorts)

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Things to do at Montmartre:
1. Visit the church on it’s summit. You can light a candle in the church for about 2 Euros if you’d like.

2. A visit to Musée de Montmartre, where famous artists once lived and painted.

3. A trip to the Montmartre Cemetery to view the graves of several famous artists.

4. A night out in the many clubs available. It’s vibrant night life has existed throughout the ages.

5. Shopping at the foot of montmarte. There are several budget shops where you can buy a variety of souvenirs.


6. Visit an artist’s square, Place du Tertre, located just a few blocks from the basilica. Many artists have set up shop here, selling their art as in ancient times. They’ll request to do a portrait of you so that would be a nice souvenir if you fancy it.
7. A walk in the small beautiful park, Parc de la Turlure. The park features a beautiful pergola and a cascade fountain.
There’s a lot of history surrounding Montmartre. It would be good to read up on some of it before visiting as you’d understand the sites better. Alternatively , you can book a guided tour and that will get you all the information as well.
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Until next time, happy travels!



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