A visit to Europe is incomplete without a tour of ancient cathedrals. Their bespoke designs and intricate detailing are an indication of just how much time and craft went into them.

Notre Dame (Our Lady) is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. It’s construction took place between 1163-1345 under various architects.

It holds a lot of history; it for example is where King Napoleon’s coronation as Emperor of the French took place in 1804.

Entry to the Cathedral is free but one can pay for a guided tour.

It is also an active cathedral, there are worshipers praying at all times so it’s only considerate to do your tour silently.

You can also enjoy the garden at the back and nearby streets.

Free activities for Tourists in Paris

Ancient architecture in Europe

Notre Dame garden

Notre dame, Paris

Other streets and notable sites

Free activities for Tourists in Paris

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You look forward to the day you’ll take a picture at one of the most famous towers, only to find a huge iron sheet fence around it when you get there. 😦 They were constructing a new fence.

Free activities for Tourists in Paris

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Romance oozes from the streets of Paris

Free activities for Tourists in ParisNotre dame


Until next time, happy travels!


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