LAMU; an ode to the best destination on earth.

I can’t quite put a finger on it.

Might be the vast clean beaches that one often has to themselves,

Or the hills that line the ocean at Shela,

The vibrance that rules at celebrations,

Or the serenity that soon takes over,

The donkeys on the narrow streets,

The walks that can’t be avoided,

The fact that life bustles at midnight,

The fishermen, clothed in muscle and kindness,

The speed at which young men fall in love,

And their ever welcoming spirit,

The speed-boat night rides,

And the stars and quiet that accompany them,

The random beach bonfire parties,

The floating club, cast in the seas,

The number of beaches to choose from,

Manda, Shela, Coco

The cuisine, fresh and elaborate,

The remoteness,

The breeze, the culture, the friendships,

The place I love the most.











10152671_10203014187628139_775322332_nPhoto credits for all the above: Jeff Mundia






Photos taken over my two trips to Lamu, one, a study trip with my former architecture-school classmates and the second with a couple of friends.

Jeff on instagram as jeffmoondeer

Myself…. akenyannomad


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