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It’s been a while. I meant to stop blogging, but I got inspiring statistics from wordpress, in addition to people calling to ask why I hadn’t posted in long. As you know, this blog was started primarily to educate people about travels within Africa, so It’s always good to hear somebody got inspired. Keep emailing your questions at

Kirepwe Island

This is an island off the coast of Gede in Malindi. We were going to visit the Mida creek with my family when the locals informed us of this island. There are 3 islands on the creek so Kirepwe is just one of them.


Mida Creek Boardwalk & Bird Hide. This is a suspended rope bridge construction leading to a wooden shelter from where you can relax with amazing views and perfectly observe the birdlife of Mida Creek. To have the best experience, it’s best to go with one of the community guides.



The bridge is an adventure as it sways slightly as you walk.


Magical mangrove forests.

We then took a traditionally constructed timber canoe across to one of the 3 Islands,  Kirepwe Island. Carry your swimming kits if you decide to cross to the island. Our guide allowed us to dive in and swim along the boat.


The reception area into the Island where groups of tourists can get entertained through dance by the local community. You can also organize, in advance to have them prepare a welcome meal for you.

The island is home to some historic ruins.


Part of the flora; grown baobab trees.




We crossed over, after our Kirepwe Island tour to one of the other islands where we had asked to have our fisherman’s lunch. The food was ready when we got there….fish, ugali, vegetables and fruit; all very well prepared.

By the time the sun was setting, the tide was high on this island and it had shrunk remarkably.

Our guide informed us that there are couples that go on honeymoon/getaways on this island. (you get to have an entire island to yourselves!) Seeing how much it shrunk, I think you’d have to be extremely adventurous to do this. A local fisherman/guide will however come along to the island and pitch camp a little further, just in case the tide is too high in the dead of the night.


I met a suitor, Hassan, who handed me this piece of driftwood that he picked that naturally took the form of an elephant. I would later meet his cousin, Malik, far away in Lamu.

Other places you can visit while in Malindi:

-Arabuko Sokoke forest-There are good nature trails and a viewpoint that presents a very scenic view.

-Gedi ruins- for history/nature lovers

-Watamu Marine National Park- for diving, snorkelling and marine life.

-The Portuguese chapel, built in the late 15th century.

-Vasco da Gama pillar which he built after he’d been chased from Mombasa.


Keep up the nomad spirit!



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8 thoughts on “KIREPWE ISLAND

  1. I have been to Mida Creek a number of times, and truth be told I never get enough of it.
    Its relaxing, nice ecosystem,mangrove, birds,crabs,oysters, Camp site- mainland and island etc….The environment is calm and refreshing; a place you can refresh your mind and body at a pocket friendly amount.

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  2. You wanted to quit blogging? Gosh. Why? We are always poppin in for info and inspiration, especially because many places in Kenya are not well documented.
    Thanks for staying love. Cheers


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