Ololosokuan Nature trail is the perfect landscape for adventure/nature lovers. The nature trail is part of Savannah Sunset Resort’s property at the foot of Ngong hills.

The high adrenaline hike involves bouldering (rock climbing without equipment) and sightseeing. For Kenyans, our nyama choma (roast meat) culture is well catered for as the resort can provide, on order, barbecues served outdoors. This was particularly memorable as the views of the sunset and landscape as we ate were outstanding.

Disclaimer: This is a throw-back post so excuse the photography 🙂

Rocky scenery.
Savour the views.

The nature trail starts off gently, nature’s warm up of sorts. It entails going through bushes and past massive rocks. This then leads to mild rock climbing that eventually becomes more difficult as one has to boulder over more massive rocks. At one point, the hike involves bouldering over rocks by a seasonal river, Ololosokuan river. At this point, I used all my limbs and as much support as I could from my team. I would definitely suggest going in a team; it eases the tension and makes it all the more fun.

Easy start but do not be fooled.

Another tricky bit is a point where we had to cross from one boulder to the next at a height of about 10metres. Basically, a wrong slip would result in a fatal fall. The distance between the boulders was not that large but it certainly broke me into a sweat.



Getting as much help as I could.



One wrong slip…..

The entire hike takes 2-3 hours.

The resort has affordable accommodation facilities and camping sites for the budget traveler. I was only there for the hike but will definitely return for a weekend getaway soon.

They also have a bar although it was poorly stocked.


Use Ngong road to get to Ngong town. Turn to your right and 100m on, take another right turn onto Kibiko road. Drive till the end of the tarmac road and keep going straight for another 3km till you get to the Savannah Sunset Resort signpost on the left of the road.


On top of the world!! Notice some of my team mates that hadn’t started their way up beneath the rocks.


They can have food prepared for you while you hike, including nyama choma (roast meat) so you can indulge immediately after.


Please catch the sunset from their west-facing viewpoint, on the edge of a precipice.

Wear appropriate shoes.

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