Tourist attractions in Malindi


Kilifi is a tourism town that is known for its pristine beaches and ancient swahili settlement ruins. Well, it’s also known for it’s prestigious residential golf development, Vipingo ridge.

I got to visit last week, touring a couple of sites. I was however unable to cover all of them, and this is an indication of just how limitless your options are with Kilifi.

The first step was to establish my accommodation. I slept at Kilifi Maghreb hotel. It’s accessible to everyone because of their wide range of options, from affordable camping, to cottages to apartments and finally a 3 bedroom house that one can rent for your duration there. It is suitably located 10 minutes (walk) from the beach and has excellent staff service. I’ll let you check out their well manicured gardens and exquisite interiors for yourself.

Good/affordable hotels in Kilifi
I camped on night one . Comfy camping-See how the tent is set like a hotel room bed, pillow, towel and all.
Good/affordable hotels in Kilifi
Then I upgraded to the 3 bedroom house where I stayed for the next couple of nights with my friends.
Good/affordable hotels in Kilifi
Kilifi Maghreb swimming pool and landscaping.
Good/Affordable hotels in Kilifi
Walked to this beach to catch the sunset immediately I was settled at the hotel.

The rest of the blog will be a photo journal.

Malindi Marine Park Beach
We didn’t really go into the park. I’d just come from snorkelling in Shimoni.

Things to do in Malindi

Things to do in Malindi
This fishermen were rowing the boat so easily and quickly in shallow water, I asked to try. Not as easy as it looked.

Vasco da Gama pillar

Tourist attractions in Malindi
First built- 1498

Tourist attractions in Malindi

Gede Ruins

Medieval settlements on the East African coast
Medieval Swahili Arab coastal settlements, dated as early as the 11th century.

Ancient civlisation in East Africa

Medieval settlements on the East African coast
Spot the human.
Medieval settlements on the East African coast
Feeling a python’s muscles

Medieval settlements on the East African coast

Watamu Marine Park Beach

Tourism in WatamuTourism in Watamu

Bofa Beach

Bofa Beach kilifi

Majajani Beach

Beaches in KilifiBeaches in KilifiBeaches in Kilifi

Mida creek and Kirepwe Island

Other places to visit are;
-Arabuko Sokoke Forest-Got a chance to visit it some time back with family. There’s a -short hike to a very scenic viewpoint.
-Mnarani ruins
-Kuruwitu Marine Park
-Ken Snake Park

And then there’s all the places that you’ll never really know about until you actually visit and learn from the locals (like some rock formation a friend of mine from instagram visited, Kaloleni rock formation.)

Photography by the talented BEN OMWAKA

Until next time,
Happy traveling!




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