Tourist attractions in Malawi

CHITIMBA CAMP, Lake Malawi (Malawi)

This was part of an 18 day overland safari that saw me and 39 strangers-turned-friends visit 6 African countries. The trip was organised by Green Ranger Safaris and is an annual trip. (2018 safari from August 14 to September 1st)
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Accommodation in Malawi

We arrived at Chitimba camp on day three of the safari after crossing through Tanzania from Kenya. It is important to note that the Tanzania-Malawi border closes at 6pm, so plan accordingly of you intend to take this trip.

Accommodation in Malawi

The camp is by lake Malawi and is home to one of the best beaches I’ve seen; partly because the shore is superbly clean and partly because it is bordered on one side by scenic hills that would be a hiker’s dream. It’s also the 3rd largest lake in Africa, shared by Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique and is a fresh water lake.

Tourist attractions in Malawi

Tourist attractions in Malawi

Tourist attractions in Malawi

Tourist attractions in Malawi

This was a camping trip but my tent-mate and I were really tired from the journey and decided to take a banda for the night. Part of the rest of the team pitched tents on the grounds provided by the campsite.

Chitimba camp room

Tourist attractions in Malawi

Chitimba campsite

The camp has a well stocked bar and restaurant with sufficient indoor and outdoor seating space. A joke amongst us throughout the trip was how ‘rich’ we were because of how relatively cheap alcoholic drinks were in all the countries we visited. (Kenya has high taxes on alcoholic drinks.)

Tourist attractions in MalawiTourist attractions in Malawi

We woke up early to catch the sunrise at the beach, before breakfast and departure to Kande Beach.

Accommodation in Malawi


Breakfast prep
Breakfast preparation by our chefs who ensured we were well fed for the entire trip

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