Overlnd safaris in Africa

KANDE BEACH, Lake Malawi (Malawi)

This was part of an 18 day overland safari that saw me and 39 strangers-turned-friends visit 6 African countries. The trip was organised by Green Ranger Safaris and is an annual trip. (2018 safari from August 14 to September 1st)
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This camp was started by overland drivers in 1993 and is geared up to cater for over land tour groups, back packers and adventurous travelers.

Overland safaris in Africa

Tourism in Malawi

Tourism in Malawi

Let me start by announcing that the road from Chitimba (read my experience here) to Kande beach was stunning! The terrain, the road turns and the view of the lake was simply breathtaking (It was also a little scary to be honest, with all those turns, but who minds a little thrill?)

Tourist attractions in Malawi

Some trip members argue that this is where the trip really started as we had ample time at this beach.

We pitched our tents then met for team building and proper introduction although we already knew each other by this time.

What to do in Africa

Tourist attractions in Malawi

Tourist attractions in Malawi

We then went to the beach for some beach ball games and sunset-watching.

Overlnd safaris in Africa

Tourism in Malawi
Photo by Bob, stranger-turned friend.

After dinner, we had an all-white-dress salsa class, (which I thoroughly enjoyed) under the instruction of Nick Nyuru, an amazing salsa instructor who offers classes at GPO, Nairobi. This part made this one of the best nights of the trip for me. It was so much fun, we ended up attracting other guests of the camp into our circle (as we did many subsequent times in other locations.)

Salsa classes in Malawi

The following day was a free day so we did a boat ride to a nearby island for some cliff-diving. 3 of the trip members and myself chose to swim back to the shore. This was definitely the longest I’ve swam in a natural water body.

Overland safari destinations in Africa

Overland safaris in Africa

After dinner, we lit a bonfire at the beach and enjoyed our music and drinks until late, occasionally interacting with other guests.

Tourist attractions in Malawi

The experience here was one of my highlights of the trip  and I’d return in a heart beat. As their logo says, Kande- The bits you remember you’ll never forget.

Tourist attractions in MalawiOverland safaris in Africa


Until next time,
Happy traveling!



Green Ranger Safaris: +254 721 955 202/ info@greenrangersafaris.com

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