Tourist activities in Livingstone


This was part of an 18 day overland safari that saw me and 39 strangers-turned-friends visit 6 African countries. The trip was organised by Green Ranger Safaris and is an annual trip. (2018 safari from August 14 to September 1st)
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Accommodation in Malawi


Tourist activities in Livingstone
Like I mentioned in an earlier post, there are so many activities at Victoria falls and river Zambezi that it almost gets overwhelming. I’m so glad that a member of the crew had mentioned to me, “Whatever happens, DO NOT miss the cruise.” It turned out to be the best 65 USD I have ever spent.

Tourist attractions in Livingstone
Martha, Ainhoa and I before boarding. The 3 of us made such good memories throughout.

Victoria falls activitiesRiver Zambezi sunset cruise


Tourist activities in Livingstone

Accommodation in Livingstone

Accommodation in Livingstone

Luxury accommodation in Livingstone

Luxury accommodation in Livingstone

The cruise (aboard MV Makumbi) was a sunset one, so the views were awe-inspiring. They also served a buffet, snacks and an open bar. There were sufficient opportunities for game viewing, hippos, birds, name it. And the best part of it, everyone on that cruise, people from all over the world, were one big group of friends by the end of the two hours.

Tourist attractions in Livingstone

Tourist attractions in Livingstone

The group from green ranger safaris managed to chant and sing, (I wish I could share the videos here) like we do at Kenyan rugby games. There was even a chant at the end about how we wanted to buy the cruise ship; if wishes were horses! Many people joined in our songs.

This was a social experience as it was a nature-watching one, and that made it quite exquisite! I hope to go on many more cruises.

Livingstone, Zambia

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