Eureka camping park, Lusaka


This was part of an 18 day overland safari that saw me and 39 strangers-turned-friends visit 6 African countries. The trip was organised by Green Ranger Safaris and is an annual trip. (2018 safari from August 14 to September 1st)
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Accommodation in Malawi

We camped here on our way to Livingstone and on our way back to Nairobi. The camp is located about 10kms from Lusaka city centre, off Kafue road.

The most interesting part about this camp was the animals within, zebras, giraffes and impala. I noticed them grazing right outside the dormitory (I’d chosen to sleep here) on my first morning there.

Eureka Camping park, Lusaka

Eureka camping park, Lusaka

Eureka Camping park, Lusaka

Another interesting part about Eureka is the bar/ restaurant which was so active, most of us ended up passing the chance to sample Lusaka nightlife outside the camp.

Eureka Camping park, Lusaka
Entrance to the restaurant/bar

Green Ranger safaris had also organised a cultural night. We had been asked to pack clothes for this, just like the all-white salsa night at Kande. It was a wonderful activity-night, we took over the bar and everyone joined in the party.

Accommodation in Lusaka
Nick, part of the group, in his cultural outfit.
Eureka Camping park, Lusaka
Typical overland safari breakfast set up
Eureka Camping park, Lusaka
There was a wide variety of food for breakfast (beyond what you see served on my plate) and it was pretty balanced, as were most of our meals.

The camp has camping grounds, a dorm with individual rooms, each with multiple beds, and bandas (some self contained).

Affordable accommodation in Lusaka
Entrance to the self contained bandas


They also provide facilities for meat roasting. I was so psyched to taste braai (Nyama Choma the southern Africa way). I ate it in Botswana and Zambia and I still think our nyama choma is much tastier. Try tell this to a Southern African. Some Zambians invited a few of us to their braai, within the camp.

Accommodation at Victoria falls

The only downside of this camp is that it gets wet in the rainy season and floods. It adds to camping adventure but can be a nuisance. Our truck got stuck just as we were leaving for Livingstone and we had fun collecting dead tree branches to carpet the road.

Eureka Camping park, Lusaka

All in all, it

Until next time,
Happy traveling!


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