Hiking in Kenya

MT. OLOLOKWE, Samburu.

Mt. Ololokwe is officially my best hike yet; for two reasons-The views at the summit (sunrise) were magical to say the least and the hike started at 3:30am which was an exciting first for me. I hiked with Africa Outdoors who I’d done Kereita with before.

Hiking in Kenya
Photo by Chache who I met on the trip. (drone)

The mountain is located on Namunyak Conservancy in Samburu East and is around 2000m ASL at its peak. It’s about 340kms from Nairobi, through Nanyuki and Isiolo.

Our journey began on Saturday about 7am.

The Nanyuki route, with it’s endless yellow  wheat firms and a clear view of Mt Kenya was a pleasure to be on.

Hiking in Kenya
Mt. Kenya peeking.

Hiking in Kenya

We had a couple of stops for breakfast, curio shopping and pictures and got to Sabache camp, located at the base of the mountain, in the afternoon. The guides at the camp took us on a tour of the facility that included some in-house viewpoints where we hang out until after sunset. Sabache camp has luxury tented camp rooms as well as a campsite where one can pitch their own tents.

Mt. Ololokwe
Sabache campsite common area
Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya

We turned in after dinner in preparation for our early rise. At exactly 3:30am we set out on the trail, our armed guide leading the way. The ascent took exactly 3hours, right in time for sunrise. The top of the mountain lent its views to winding roads far below as well as a terrain packed with hills.

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya

After about an hour at the summit, the descent .We were keen on doing as much of the hike as we could before the harsh Samburu sun reared it’s ugly head.

Hiking in Kenya
Our armed guide with his AK47.

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya

The hike took 6 hours, trekking at a comfortable pace. It would definitely have been more if we had done it in the sun. We had breakfast, freshened up and waited for lunch before departure.

Africa outdoors is a good hiking outfit. They have easy, moderate and difficult hikes and are a good company for both beginner and seasoned hikers. The difficulty of each hike is given so you know what to expect. There’s a hike almost every weekend.

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya

Until next time, tembea Kenya!

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5 thoughts on “MT. OLOLOKWE, Samburu.

  1. You just made me miss This Region so much, my last visit to Mt Ololokwe I left and swore that when I return I would camp at the peak of it and watch the sunset admire the stars then wake up to the golden sunrise. I think 2018 I am going back just to feel my tent been blown by the wind at the top of this magnificent mountain.

    Great write up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad the story had that effect on you. A couple of friends want to go camp at the top in May and I may just join them. Let me know if you’d like me to connect you with them.


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