Hiking in Kenya

WILLIAM HILL, Rift Valley escarpment

If you have ever been to the Rift Valley View point, William hill is one of the hills one spots within the escarpment, alongside Mt. Longonot, Suswa, Margaret among others. It is located 75Km North West of Nairobi and is part of the Kikuyu Escarpment, lying south west of it.

The difficulty level of this hike is moderate, with a major challenge being the strong winds. Luckily for us, they were blowing in our direction thus propelling us. I honestly felt like I was just a little short of being blown away. It was also very hot. I had no sunscreen on my arms and I have a tan two weeks after the hike.

The hike began at the Maai Mahiu highway, right at the little Italian church. We walked on flat terrain for about 10kms before taking a snack break after which ascent began.

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya
Pre-ascent snack break.

Hiking in Kenya


Hiking in Kenya
About a hiker’s snacks

Hiking in KenyaHiking in Kenya

About 4 hours into the hike, some 3 ladies and myself got lost. We could neither communicate with the guys ahead nor the ones behind. While it was a little scary, the few houses we saw in the distance were encouragement enough that if the worst came to the worst, we’d head there. One of the girls was a brave one and she kept walking ahead in the direction of our perceived summit which ended up being accurate.

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya
Hiking in Kenya
I waved my jumper to show how windy the summit, and the entire hike was
Hiking in Kenya
A picture I took of the brave lady

We finished the hike with a stretching session

Hiking in Kenya

The hike was just okay, nothing too exciting about it. The summit is uninspiring, there’s barely any views.
There was also no descent. You get to the top and then it’s flat terrain again.

Until next time, tembea Kenya!

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